FTA Drug and Alcohol Regulation Updates
Issue 11, page 8

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Who Should Be Receiving This Update? 

In an attempt to keep each transit system well informed, we need to reach the correct person within each organization.  If you are not responsible for your system’s Drug and Alcohol program, please forward this update to the person(s) who is and notify us of  the correct listing.  If you know of others who would benefit from this publication, please contact us at the following address to include them on the mailing list.  This publication is free.

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FAX: (937) 299-1055

FTA home page:  www.fta.dot.gov
FTA Office of Chief Counsel:  www.fta.dot.gov/office/counsel
FTA Office of Safety & Security:  http://transit-safety.volpe.dot.gov
FTA Letters of Interpretation:  www.fta.dot.gov/library/legal
DHHS-Certified Laboratories:  Center for Substance Abuse Prevention: www.health.org/wahpl.htm

FTA, Office of Safety and Security:  (202) 366-2896
Drug and Alcohol Consortia Manual
Drug and Alcohol Testing Results:  1995, 1996, and 1997 Annual Reports
Random Drug Testing Manual
Implementation Guidelines for Drug and Alcohol Regulations in Mass Transit
Identification of Drug Abuse and/or Alcohol Misuse in the Workplace:  An Interactive Training Program

USDOT Drug and Alcohol Documents FAX on Demand:  1 (800) 225-3784
USDOT, Office of Drug Enforcement and Program Compliance:  (202) 366-3784
Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guideline
SAP Procedures Guidelines for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol  Testing Program

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